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After Care and Maintenance

Maintenance is required every 6 - 8 weeks to avoid damage to your own hair.  Leaving it longer between maintenance will create matting from loose shedding that occurs naturally on all scalps.  Your extensions need to be rotated to avoid tension on your hair and scalp over long periods of time.  This will be done during professional maintenance from your stylist. 

Your own hair can shed up to 100 strands daily, this hair you would usually find in your plug hole an in your hair brush.  When wearing hair extensions, this hair will trap in the rings and if it isn’t released then it will matt up, these strands of loose hair will be released and combed out during maintenance.

During maintenance on the individual method you will have each strand taken out one at a time, re-tipped and a new ring attached where needed.  Any matting will be released and the extension will be reapplied further up as it would have moved down with your hair growth.  This maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks.  If you keep up to date with your mentenance requirements this will extend the average life span of your extensions from 4 months up to 12 months.  Please note: Nano Ring Tips will be rotated.

You must use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner on your extensions to prevent them drying out. Paraben free is also better.  You will need to use a good oil such as genuine Moroccan Oil©, there are others on the market but they can be too greasy.  You would need this to keep the hair hydrated.  You must not put oil or conditioner near the scalp.

Blowdrying is recommended as it closed the cuticle of the hair after washing preventing tangling.  it is also essential that you use a good quality heat protector on your extensions and do not subject to excessive periods of high temperatures.  Straightening is recommended as this also prevents tangling.  This smooths the hair cuticle closed creating shine and less friction.

Do not let your hair go greasy as this can make the extensions slip or even come out and hair grease can break the keratin tips down on the micro rings.

Do not use heated rollers on the extensions as contact with heat of this type is too long.  

Shampoo, conditioner, oils and recommended brushes can be purchased from your stylist.

Prices for After Care Products

Shampoo - Argan Oil Plus

Conditioner - Argan Oil Plus

Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Pack - Morrocan Oil©

Morrocan Oil© Refills




£. 4.95

View the Aftercare and Maintenance Sheet Below


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